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Sales of REFUsol new equipment started


From now on we can offer you the following new types of equipment for sale:
842P040.010 REFUsol, 40K, 5-year warranty
867P008.010 REFUsol, 8K, 5-year warranty
867P010.010 REFUsol, 10K, 5-year warranty
867P013.010 REFUsol, 13K, 5-year warranty
867P017.010 REFUsol, 17K, 5-year warranty
867P020.010 REFUsol, 20K, 5-year warranty
867P023.010 REFUsol, 23K, 5-year warranty

We will gladly send you our price list and, if you wish, also make an offer for you. Please send your request to Service.aei-power@aei.com
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