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Required Upgrade from Advanced Energy®


Dear Customer,

we want to provide you with information on a required, easy-to-implement product upgrade on the Advanced Energy® 3TL commercial inverters: String Inverter AE 3TL 23k, REFUsol 023k ("AE 3TL Inverters"). At AE, we are dedicated to providing you with commercial grade products that meet the highest performance, quality and safety standards. In our pursuit of this commitment we have identified a rare instance that may lead to operational issues with the aforementioned types of our 3TL inverters. There have been no serious consequences of this situation, but your safety is critical to us. As such, we wanted to take proactive measures by providing a fast and free upgrade kit.

These fasteners, along with instructions for installing them, will be provided in a free, easy-to-implement upgrade kit. This upgrade was developed to provide a more robust connection for the cover assembly to the main inverter housing. These improved fasteners will provide additional cover security externally, and in the instance of a system event that may apply pressure to the cover, are intended to keep the cover secured. The upgrade is expected to take less than five minutes per inverter.

Product Upgrade

The upgrade consists of the addition of two M5 stainless steel flange nuts, four M5 stainless steel washers and two M5 stainless steel screws at prescribed locations connecting the cover to the main inverter housing. Please see the depiction below. This upgrade will not require removal of the cover.

Product upgrade
Customer measures

The upgrade kit is available immediately. You can request the kit at www.advanced-energy.com/3TLupgrade, where you will be prompted to submit details such as inverter quantity, shipping location and contact information. We are here to make this as simple as possible. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact AE Technical Support: www.advanced-energy.de/Contact-Us

We truly appreciate your cooperation in this matter and we pledge to continue our mission to provide you with the highest quality products available.

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