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List of public plants

Plant name(Ascending)
Postal code
Generator output
AC power
Daily energy
Total energy
- PV Hevensen37181Hevensen249.86 kWp0.0 W558.5 kWh1,691,793 kWh Germany
- Schneiker - Energie e. K.33790Halle (Westf.)176.40 kWp0.0 W406.5 kWh1,172,832 kWh Germany
Gill-Schulhaus, Ebnat-Kappel SG9642Ebnat-Kappel63.75 kWp0.0 W390.1 kWh386,737 kWh Switzerland
Wohnhaus84160Frontenhausen     Germany
! Huelben Geranienstr. 45 8kW72584Hülben7.99 kWp0.0 W43.8 kWh56,963 kWh Germany
"Cascade" Sand in Taufers39030Sand in Taufers (BZ)0.00 kWp- W- kWh0 kWh Italy
"Hmelnick Shepetovka SI"30400Шепетівка0.00 kWp- W- kWh0 kWh Ukraine
"NPM Energy" Ltd. Svilengrad Bulgaria6500Svilengrad     Bulgaria
"SASH Energy" Ltd. Svilengrad Bulgaria6500Svilengrad     Bulgaria
(N/A) Anand Granites-Snow White Salt pvt ltd523135ongole     India
(N/A) SCR 38.6 kW 500003Hyderabad (Microsol)     India
[Lesvos]-[ID15]81103Skalochori     Greece
[Lesvos]-[ID16]81103Skalochori     Greece
[Lesvos]-[ID18]81103Skalochori     Greece
[Lesvos]-[ID19]81103Kalo limani     Greece
[Lesvos]-[ID20]81103Skalochori     Greece
[Lesvos]-[ID21]81103Skalochori     Greece
[Lesvos]-[ID22]81103Skalochori     Greece
[Lesvos]-[ID23]81103Skalochori     Greece
[Lesvos]-[ID85]81103Skalochori     Greece
[Lesvos]-[ID90]81103Skalochori     Greece
[Lesvos]-[ID91]81103Skalochori24.26 kWp- W- kWh924,743 kWh Greece
[Lesvos]-[ID92]81103Skalochori     Greece
[Rodos]-[ID98]85109Rhodes     Greece
~ Siemens - Service Fürth ~90766fürth     Germany
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